House History

The origin of the oldest part of the former agricultural estate is dated to around the year 1700. Historical records about the house can be gleaned from land registers, Theresian and Josephine cadasters, and tax records. The age of the house is evident from the fact that its descriptive number in the village is 2; only the nearby former farm is older. For every settlement, it has always been essential to have a place where local people and travelers can get food and drink. The inn has been operated in this estate as early as around the year 1780. Our direct ancestors purchased the house in 1892, where they ran a farm, an inn, and a shop. In 1929, a dance hall was added, which now serves in its restored form. Between 1992 and 1995, we undertook the first major reconstruction, and on November 25, 1995, the inn was reopened. Between 2011-2014, the former barn and farm spaces were transformed into two separate apartments. Nowadays, hardly anyone knows how to construct stone walls folded only with clay. Nevertheless, we are confident that all the work during the reconstruction was carried out with the same skilled craftsmanship as it was 300 years ago. Thanks to this, the estate still stands and thrives today.