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- 5 cl Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Year Old (40%)
Origin: Guatemala (Industrias Licoreras de Guatemala), at an elevation of 2300 meters above sea level at the „House above the Clouds“. Production Process: Pot Still, Solera, aged in bourbon and sherry casks (mahogany, dark) Taste and Aroma: Complex (wood, spices, caramel, vanilla, dried fruits, banana, pineapple) Rum Zacapa Centenario is a Guatemalan rum made from virgin sugarcane honey, distilled in a column still, and aged using the Solera system at an elevation of 2300 meters above sea level. During its aging process, it is gradually aged in both uncharred and charred barrels previously used for bourbon, sherry Oloroso, and Pedro Ximenez wines. Throughout the production process, it is blended with older rums (resulting in a product of exceptional quality with an average age ranging from 6 to 23 years). Since its introduction at the International Rum Festival in 1998, this rum consistently secured the first place in the category of super-premium rums until 2002 (subsequently awarded the Platinum Medal and inducted into the Hall of Fame of this prestigious global competition). It has become an unofficial benchmark for the quality of super-premium rums. The result of the fusion of Mayan culture, a unique production process, and the masterful work of master blender Lorena Vasquez can be appreciated by you as well.
148,- Czk
- 5 cl Austrian Empire Navy Rum 18 Year Old (40%)
145,- Czk
- 5 cl Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva 12 Year Old (40%)
Origin: Venezuela (Destilerías Unidas S.A.), Rainforest, Mountain Climate Production Process: Pot Still, aged in Canadian white oak barrels (amber, dark, reserve) Taste and Aroma: Layered and complex (caramel, honey, coconut, oranges, baked bananas, vanilla, cinnamon, chocolate, nuts, hints of oak and tobacco) Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva is a globally acclaimed rum known for its delightful taste and classic character. It is the most popular Venezuelan rum, carefully crafted by blending rums aged up to 12 years. This exceptional rum has won over twenty medals from prestigious international competitions, making it one of the most esteemed rums in the world. The creator of this rum, Maestro Ronero Mr. Tito Cordero, received the Golden Rum Barrel award for the Best Master Blender in both 2011 and 2013 (the distillery producing Diplomático rums also earned the Best Distillery award in 2013). Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva is characterized by its smooth and complex profile, along with a long and satisfying finish.
118,- Czk
- 5 cl Diplomático Mantuano 8 Year Old (40%)
Origin: Venezuela (Destilerías Unidas S.A.), Rainforest, Mountain Climate Production Process: Pot Still, Column Still, aged in bourbon and single malt whisky casks (dark gold, amber) Taste and Aroma: Layered and complex (wood, vanilla, dried plums, spices) In Venezuela, „Mantuano“ refers to distinguished individuals - the elite of this South American country. Individuals who were important in some way to the nation, like Don Juancho Nieto Meléndez. A rum enthusiast who devoted his entire life to seeking out the finest flavors of the Caribbean. Some even say that his notes contributed to the current Diplomático recipes. Who knows? Regardless, Don Juancho became the face of this Venezuelan distillery - his portrait graces every bottle, including Mantuano, which is even dedicated to him. This rum has a darker, rich amber color and a balanced taste profile characterized by dried fruit, wood, and vanilla. Mantuano is a blend of light and heavy rums aged up to 8 years (matured in bourbon and single malt whisky casks).
88,- Czk
- 5 cl Pampero Aniversario (40%)
Origin: Venezuela (Pampero, Las Cabras Distillery 1938) Production Process: Three types of distillation equipment, aged in oak casks from whisky and sherry (amber) Taste and Aroma: Delicate (caramel, vanilla, cinnamon, coffee, tobacco, wood, leather, fruit, raisins) The relatively young Pampero distillery achieved a significant milestone - it started producing the first truly aged Venezuelan rum deserving the title añejo. The primary ingredient is local sugarcane, which matures under ideal conditions and is processed within 24 hours of harvesting. The triple distillation process employs naturally mineralized water from the Amazon region. Unlike other distilleries, Pampero uses three types of distillation equipment for an incredibly rich flavor profile. Created in 1963 to celebrate the distillery´s 25th anniversary, it´s a blend of high-quality Venezuelan rums aged for a minimum of 4 years in bourbon and sherry casks. In this rum, you´ll appreciate a wide range of flavor sensations, dominated by caramel, coffee, and tobacco. Encased in a robust leather-covered bottle, it holds one of the world´s best rums, a recipient of numerous medals at the World Spirits Competition in San Francisco.
86,- Czk
- 5 cl Appleton Estate Rare 12Yo (43%)
Origin: Jamaica (Appleton Estate) Production Process: Pot Still, 40-gallon casks made from American white oak, using their own sugarcane plantations and limestone springs with quality water, English-style rum Taste and Aroma: Balanced, alluring with notes of buttery toffee and dark sugar, a bittersweet finish with hints of wood, cocoa, fruit, and orange Appleton Estate is the oldest sugarcane plantation and distillery in Jamaica, producing unique rums for 265 years. Small-batch distillation takes place in copper pot stills, and the rums further mature in casks made from American white oak previously used for bourbon. The rums at Appleton are blended by Joy Spence, the first woman in the world to hold the title of master blender. Appleton Estate 12Yo is a blend of rums, with the youngest having aged for 12 years in American white oak casks. Its aroma is complex with notes of wood, fruit, cocoa, orange peel, and almonds. This is a rum meant for sipping slowly, and its flavor profile will also appeal to whisky enthusiasts looking to explore the world of rum. Appleton Estate 12Yo holds a gold medal from the 2008 International Spirits Challenge.
118,- Czk
- 5 cl Dos Maderas 5 + 5 PX (Triple Aged), (40%)
Origin: Barbados & Guyana (Williams & Humbert SA, West Indies Rum Distillery) Production Process: Pot Still, American bourbon casks (after blending, finished in Spain using the Solera system in sherry casks, some up to 60 years old), (amber, dark) Taste and Aroma: Balanced (vanilla, raisins, figs) A 100% sugarcane Caribbean rum, its aging process is divided into three phases. Initially, it ages for 5 years in oak casks in the Caribbean. Subsequently, it continues aging in Spain at the Williams & Humbert cellars, again in oak casks (this time for 3 years in Dos Cortados sherry casks). Finally, it undergoes an additional 2 years of aging in Don Guido sherry casks (in which sweet Pedro Ximenez sherry aged for 20 years). This rum features a harmonious aroma with hints of raisins and figs and has been honored with several gold medals from prestigious competitions.
128,- Czk
- 5 cl DON PAPA 7 Yo (40%)
Origin: Philippines (Bleeding Heart Rum Company, Don Papa Distillery), Negros Island, foothills of Mount Kanlaon Production Process: Column distillation, oak casks from bourbon (pale amber), Spanish-style rum Taste and Aroma: Gentle, delightful (vanilla, caramel, honey, candied fruit) Don Papa Rum was inspired by the story of an unsung hero of the Philippine Revolution, Dionisio Magbuela, better known as „Don Papa“ (pantáta). He was a worker on a sugar plantation, a healer, a shaman, a visionary, a rebel, and a leader of the babaylanes group, which played a crucial role in the late 19th century and the Philippine Revolution. This ultimately led to the liberation from Spanish rule and the eventual independence of the beloved country. Don Papa Rum is a high-quality Philippine rum made from sugarcane grown in the volcanic soil of the most fertile region of the Philippines, Negros Occidental. It ages for 7 years in oak casks in the foothills of the Kanlaon mountains. It boasts a pale amber color, with a light and fruity aroma that leads to a gentle and delightful taste. Don Papa Rum has a long finish and offers a rich palette of flavors like vanilla, honey, and candied fruit. The product is the work of blender Mia Bico.
128,- Czk
- 5 cl DEMON´S SHARE 6 Yo (40%)
95,- Czk
Origin: Fiji (Plantation Rum) Production Process: Pot Still, Column Still, oak casks from bourbon in Fiji, Cognac Ferrand casks in France, continental style (golden, reserve) Taste and Aroma: Tropical (spices, nutmeg, vanilla, honey, ginger, coconut, plum, currant, apple, smoke) Plantation Isle of Fiji is crafted using traditional techniques and local sugarcane. It takes a pause of approximately 2 to 3 years on the island, maturing in bourbon casks in the tropical climate. After this rest, it embarks on a journey to France, where it matures for a year in Cognac casks. This rum surprises with fruity notes that are complemented by hints of oak casks and a touch of smoke.
95,- Czk
Origin: Trinidad and Tobago (Plantation Rum) Production Process: Pot Still, Column Still, oak casks from bourbon, Cognac Ferrand casks in France, continental style (golden, reserve) Taste and Aroma: Tropical (pineapple, tropical fruits, cloves, smoke) Plantation Stiggins Fancy Pineapple is a pineapple-infused rum created through the maceration of ripe Queen Victoria pineapples into Plantation Original Dark Rum (the maceration takes place for 3 months with the presence of sliced pineapple flesh and skin, which contains the most pineapple essences). This maceration is then distilled once more, resulting in an excellent, very smooth, not overly sweet, naturally flavored rum. The product pays homage to the character Charles Dickens´ character Reverend Stiggins from the Pickwick Papers.
115,- Czk
Origin: Dominican Republic (Bucanero) Production Process: Column Still, oak casks from American white oak (dark golden, elixir, liqueur) Taste and Aroma: Tropical (caramel, honey, plums, raisins) The Dominican rum liqueur is built on a foundation of high-quality seven-year-old rums that have matured in American white oak casks. However, it also incorporates ingredients that elevate it to heavenly heights, such as dried fruit (California plums and raisins), which are added in the final stage. The result is an elegant delicacy with a dense, velvety consistency and a smooth flavor with notes of fruit and caramel. If you´re a lover of sweet rums or simply have a craving for something delightful, this captain will certainly sweeten your life.
55,- Czk
Origin: Cuba (Legendario) Production Process: Column Still, oak casks from American white oak (dark golden, elixir, liqueur) Taste and Aroma: Tropical (caramel, orange, raisins, oak wood) The legendary, sweet, smooth, and pleasantly warming rum liqueur is crafted from a perfectly balanced blend of mature molasses rums, which rest for a proper 7 years in American oak casks. Afterward, freshly squeezed juice from sweetened raisins is added, and the distillate is macerated for one month (imparting orange and caramel flavors). The aroma offers a gentle fruity sweetness combined with the characteristic taste of high-quality Cuban sugarcane juice.
55,- Czk
Origin: Puerto Rico (Bacardi, Casa Bacardi) Production Process: Coffey Still, charcoal filtration, oak casks, (crystal clear, white, tropical) Taste and Aroma: Subtle and balanced (vanilla, almonds, apricots, sugarcane) The Bacardi company is headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, and Hamilton, Bermuda (Bacardi is also the name of the light rum produced by this company). It is one of the largest family-owned alcohol production companies, selling more than 200 million bottles annually. It was founded by Facundo Bacardí in Santiago de Cuba in 1862. During the Cuban War of Independence and later the US occupation of Cuba, Bacardi rum became the foundation for cocktails like Cuba Libre and Daiquiri. Bacardi Carta Blanca is an original light rum with notes of almonds, vanilla, and apricots. It ages for one to two years in carefully selected oak casks. After aging, the rum is blended and undergoes a second charcoal filtration to achieve maximum purity and smoothness.
50,- Czk
Origin: Jamaica (Captain Morgan) Production Process: Column Still, oak casks from bourbon, (golden, spiced, tropical), English style Taste and Aroma: Gentle and balanced (vanilla, cinnamon, spices, herbs, wood) Captain Morgan rums bear the name of the Welsh privateer and plantation owner, Sir Henry Morgan. He eventually rose to the position of Governor of Jamaica. He never actually made rum, but it was rum that ultimately made him immortal. Captain Morgan Spiced Gold is a pleasantly sweet rum made from sugarcane molasses in column stills and aged for a year in oak casks. Then comes the carefully guarded blend of herbal extracts and spices. These provide the rum with its distinct flavor, which can be enjoyed on its own, but is also perfect for mixing. It elevates traditional rum cocktails to a whole new level.
45,- Czk